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CreamSon Nutri Foods

“The only thing that complements great food is good health”

Since years Creamson has been working in making breakfast and meals more memorable.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of peanut butter as well as Hazelnut spread, Chocolate spread, white chocolate spread. We are engaged for private labeling for many brands all over India and the market is growing every day.

Today Creamson offers broad range of products with low sugar and sugar free product varieties. Out brand is passionate about delivering high quality products and our main aim is to manufacture Aflatoxin free, best quality Peanut Butter as well as chocolate spreads, throughout the globe to Quality conscious customers.

All the taste, 90% less fat. Endless peanut possibilities. Sensational in smoothies. Delicious in dips. Outrageous in oatmeal. Yummy on yogurt. Terrific on toast. What’s not to love?

A brand born of expertise and a passion for fitness & flavour


Our Vision

Our main vision is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.