Why do the heels on your feet hurt?

The heels of the feet have a fairly dense layer of fat, have a special structure that includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, vessels through which blood moves, nerve fibers. This allows a person to stand not only the load of their body while walking but also to wear others items.Causes of the diseaseIt is difficult to identify one of the reasons for the development of the disease. The cause of heel pain is not yet fully identified. It is known that some people with the degenerative-dystrophic path (DLM) symptoms may be more attractive, more attractive in youth, and in young people. In addition, many people have the predisposition to frequent certain pathologies, such as diabetes or osteochondrosis. The reasons for the development of the disease are still being studied. Otherwise, people who develop it also have a the most serious diseases: heel spur and herniated disc.If the disease is not detected immediately in the first case, it is worth waiting until the second. In such cases, a person lies down on the sofa, takes a knee and jumps.The symptoms of heel crunchWhat can damage the heel in a person?The disease progresses without any complications. The process begins only with pain and shock. The patient feels slight pain in the area of the damaged joint.Causes of heel crunchWhat should I do if I'm Just Diagnosed with the Disease?