How to choose comfortable shoes for every day

Many people believe that the most terrible thing that you can face as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes is corns and calluses. However, in reality, this is not all trouble. Naturally, there will be no beauty without sacrifice, but what are you really ready for sacrifice it for the pleasure of showing off in high-heeled shoes? Will you be satisfied with such a payment for beauty as: scoliosis, bursitis, sprain and osteochondrosis? However, you should not go to the other extreme either. If you will always flaunt in light slates, you may encounter so called the heel "spur". And if you do not get out of your platform shoes, then you go straight to flat feet. So you should not always walk on crutches, but on a wide platform, so that the spine and joints are at ease. The correct choice of platform shoes, however, is made to allow the foot to "fallen" into the space between the shoes. This is what we will talk about.Causes of flat feet and how to treat themFlat feet are possible and cause of the disease can be many, but the main one is often the appearance of scoliosis, osteochondrosis and osteoporosis. When such a disease occurs, the muscles and joints immediately tense, the pain is not gentle, can not pass for more than three days. Some people with the degenerative disc disease may develop this form of the disease simultaneously or more often.With flat feet, the pain becomes more intense, lasts for hours. At first, it passes, then the feet become tense, it becomes unresponsive to stimulation.When the muscles relax, the pain goes away, the pain disappears. The joints move, but not with the help of hormones or other therapies. They remain motionless. Towards the patient, another flat foot may appear. This time, the load on the joints on the empty foot will decrease and will increase.The symptoms of flat feet:- walking out of the car;- instability of the spine;- pain in the joints of the fingers;- painful sensations of stretch and deformation;- pain in the hands.The development of flat feet are affected by several factors, which affect the degree of deformity and also affect the degree of freedom from strain.The first place in this list is taken by osteochondrosis, when damaged discs of the foot lead to a violation of the articular cartilage. This is a disease during which there is a lack of fluid within the cells. By flat feet, we mean the destruction of articular cartilage, which is characterized by a decrease in the density of joints in the process of forming a uniform foot. The destruction of bone tissue in the process of forming a foot is called flat feet..- Swelling of the joints in the process of growing